Why QR Codes are Making a Comeback

QR codes may seem like old news… But considering recent advancements in technology and the fact that pretty much everyone owns a smartphone these days, it is safe to say that they have officially made their comeback (for real this time). Most of us remember the initial rollout of QR codes back in the early 2010s and could even go as far as to consider them dated. However, their recent resurgence in the world of digital marketing  proves that QR codes were simply ahead of their time. As of 2023, these scannable barcodes could be the saving grace for many brands and marketers across a number of industries. And here’s why:

The Appeal

  1. QR Codes are Easy To Use

    One could argue that QR codes didn’t exactly take off back in the early 2010s due to a lack of accessibility. It almost seems crazy now to think that during this time, owning a smartphone was considered more of a luxury rather than the norm. Because of this, people who did not have a smartphone would have to resort to third party applications in order to even read a QR code. Well, things have certainly changed since then…

As of 2023, roughly 307 million people are known to own a smartphone in the United States, which is about 92% of the country overall. With that being said, accessing QR codes has never been more convenient. Now, consumers can scan QR codes with ease by opening up their smartphone camera. In return, they are also incredibly simple to set up and update, making QR codes a surprisingly cost efficient strategy for marketing campaigns.


  1. QR Codes Offer the Best of Both Worlds 

Even though digital marketing is considered to be the main priority for many businesses today, there is still something to be said about good ole’ traditional marketing strategies such as print collateral. The cool thing about QR codes is that you don’t have pick one strategy over another. They actually bridge the gap between digital and traditional marketing seamlessly, allowing brands and marketers to fully expand their audience reach.

Along with using QR codes on apps, websites and emails, they can also be integrated into forms of print advertising like flyers, posters and even billboards! This is actually a genius way to ensure all the information you want is located in one spot, without overcrowding a print space with too much written content.


  1. QR Codes Hold Potential for Endless Engagement

It goes without saying that marketers are continuously looking for innovative ways to boost engagement. No matter if you take the digital or traditional route, it is so easy for emails or flyers to get ignored or overlooked – especially when they all seem to appear the same. The use of QR codes gives businesses the opportunity to incorporate a fun, engaging element that has the potential to spark a little curiosity from the consumer. The best part is, there is no limit when it comes to creating a QR code. Whether you are looking to increase website visitors, advertise new project portfolios, or push consumers to a sale or special your business is running, it can all be done by adding a QR code that leads your audience to the desired location.


  1. QR Codes Provide Measurable Data

Measuring the data of a marketing campaign is essential for brands and marketers to understand the overall effectiveness of their efforts. After all, nobody wants to put in hours of work only to realize that no real difference is being made. This technique makes it super simple to view and analyze how much traffic and attention each QR code is receiving from consumers. In fact, there are some QR codes out there that are even compatible with Google Analytics to help track first-party data!

Stay Relevant with Digital Marketing

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