Why It’s Important to Have Facebook Ads

 It probably comes to no surprise that Facebook is one of the most popular marketing platforms worldwide. In addition to billions of active users, the social media channel has also expanded its advertising network to suit a wide range of businesses. When it comes to business owners using Facebook to promote their brand, it is important to note that there are multiple strategies that go into creating a well-rounded image. Along with active participation and engagement, the incredible benefits of Facebook Ads for businesses are simply unmatched. Let’s dive into it…

The Benefits of Facebook Ads for Your Business

Paid Ads Provide a Greater Audience Reach

Say you have created a Facebook account for your business and are posting weekly or even daily on the app in hopes to attract a larger following – this is referred to as organic posting. While posting organically on Facebook is certainly a great practice for businesses to remain engaged with their followers, it will likely not come close to providing the type of audience reach which result from paid Facebook ads, especially for smaller businesses. This is because over the last couple years, Facebook has changed their algorithm to decrease business pages’ visibility in news feeds in order to prioritize posts from friends and family for users.

While this is definitely frustrating for businesses who utilize the Facebook app for their products and services, there is still a way to get your message out there – and that is through Facebook ads. With billions of active users across the globe, Facebook provides businesses with access to an enormous audience allowing them to reach people almost anywhere through paid ads. Once you know how to target and create them, the return you will see will be worth every penny spent – and our team of digital marketing pros can help you with that. 😉 

Micro-Target Your Exact Audience with Paid Ads

Facebook’s targeting abilities are unrivaled. Businesses are able to target their ads to audiences based on interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages. There are even ways to target your fans of your competitors! As opposed to paid search ads on Google where the reach is broader, Facebook’s targeting capabilities can dig deeper than any other online platform.

It’s important to remember that audience quality is more important than quantity when it comes to gaining conversions. These settings are incredibly helpful in ensuring that your message reaches the right people who are the most likely to purchase your product or service instead of attracting random visitors.

Ability to Optimize Ad Campaigns Through A/B Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a term used to describe the process of running marketing experiments to see which version connects better with your audience. So, when you discover a new creative marketing strategy that you’d like to try for your business, Facebook allows you to run an A/B test to understand what ad delivers the best results overall. This practice helps businesses be able to confidently determine which types of marketing ads (video vs. photo for example) will ultimately drive growth of their business at scale.

Let Beson4 Help Your Get Targeted Leads

At Beson4, we use our inbound digital marketing and PPC management expertise to help you drive sales with proven strategies. Unlike many digital marketing agencies in Jacksonville and other places, we’re not satisfied with simply increasing leads and conversions without fully understanding if these are translating into actual sales and maximum ROI.

Interested in seeing how Facebook ads can help your business gain more conversions? Contact us today to learn how we can get started!