What Does a Cookie-Less World Look Like for Companies who Rely on Re-Targeting?

User privacy and security is a top priority for Google and other search engines, which is why theimpending move to a cookie-less world has become one of their latest initiatives. This news has come as quite a shock for marketers, given that many marketing and sales funnels are built around this third-party data. As with any new change in the digital landscape, what’s most important is for companies to understand how a cookie-less world may impact their online advertising and marketing efforts and prepare accordingly.


What are Third-Party Cookies?

Those who are tech-savvy are most likely familiar with the word ‘cookies’ – otherwise known as small pieces of text sent to your browser by a website you visit, helping it to track information about your online activity.

You may also be aware of first-party cookies, or cookies that are placed by the website a user is visiting. The main difference is third-party cookies are placed and used by other sites the user isn’t currently on and relied on for cross-site tracking, re-targeting, and serving curated ads to users based on previous browsing history.


What does a Cookie-Less World Mean for Your Marketing?

So, what does this all mean for your business exactly? Without third-party cookies, businesses and marketers will be unable to rely on third-party websites to do their marketing activity. In the past, third-party cookies have been used to follow a website user around the internet to better learn their interests. Going cookie-less means this will no longer be possible.

Without utilizing third-party cookies, businesses and marketers will have to use their own data for determining marketing strategies and actions. Moreso, users also have more control when it comes to tracking, as they are now given a choice of whether to accept cookies or not.

Ultimately, this choice will give website users greater control over the types of advertisements they will see when browsing online. However, this change will also push businesses and marketers to use first-party data, which should be more accurate and relevant to your organization.


How to Best Prepare for Cookie-Less Marketing

  • Prioritize First-Party Data – Never forget the power of your first-party data! This will be social media marketers’ best source for creating targets campaigns.
  • Adapt Your Website – Businesses should plan to adapt their websites to block third-party cookies and adjust to new consent requirements. Getting ahead of the game will ensure you are prepared before the official shift happens.
  • Experiment with Implementation – The more you give the algorithm to work with for each product and audience, the faster it will learn. Experimenting with different creative elements in social media campaigns is a great first step.


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