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Remember when they said social media was a fad? Well, nearly a decade-and-a-half and 3.5 billion users later, we’re still witnessing it continue to experience remarkable growth and expansion. No longer just a form of organic digital word-of-mouth, today social media is a fully mature form of marketing and advertising, thankfully one that is no longer one-way (from brands to consumer), but two-way, conversational much more customer-focused.


Why Use Social Media Marketing?

Success in social media is neither quick, nor easy. It is relationship building in a digital environment and like real life relationships, it requires consistent effort over time to grow trust. Any organization can expect to get out of it, what it is willing to put in it. So, why use social media marketing? There are many reasons.

First and foremost, social networks are where you find your customers. It’s where they spend vast amounts of their free time. Being active on social media also:

• Helps you connect with your customers
• Builds awareness about your brand
• Boosts your leads and sales
• Enables you to demonstrate authenticity
• Lets you communicate authority
• Encourages engagement
• Provides support
• Builds loyalty
• Helps you grow your business in a cost-effective manner

Beson4 provides a full spectrum of cost-efficient, results-based social media marketing and management services that we tie into your brand and your other traditional digital marketing efforts, providing maximum continuity, effectiveness and ROI.

I’ve got to say, I’m really quite impressed with Beson4. I worked with AJ and his team on a big project recently in Jacksonville. Not only were they professional and responsive – they were incredibly kind, friendly and honest.
Trevor Walsh

Impressive branding and marketing capabilities from a talented team of professionals who focus as much on the quality of relationships as they do the quality of their work.
Nikos Westmoreland

Great company for marketing, advertising and they can build a really great website. We have hired them for multiple projects and their work has allowed our business to grow tremendously. I would highly recommend.
Chris Harrington


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Step 1: We perform a thorough social media audit, analyze your marketing needs and identify strategic opportunities.

Step 2: We develop channel and content strategies tailored to your individual brand and marketing goals.

Step 3: We inventory your existing media assets (photos, videos, graphics), determine which can be repurposed for social media, and help you create compelling new media when required.

Step 4: We create monthly organic social content calendars and/or paid social advertising (per your strategy) for you to review and approve.

Step 5: We schedule and manage all of your monthly posting, engagement and growth optimization.

Step 6: We conduct a regular monthly performance analysis and adjust as needed, based on results.