Coleman Talley

Services Provided
Marketing Consulting
Brand Analysis
Client, Employee, Leadership and Referral Sources Surveys
85-Year Anniversary Logo
Updated Website
Social Media Management
Video Production
Graphic Design
New Division Branding
Press Releases
Print Advertising

Coleman Talley LLP is one of the Southeast’s oldest and most well-respected law firms. They hired us to conduct a comprehensive brand analysis and assist with a wide variety of related marketing tasks. Our team developed and distributed surveys for clients, employees leadership and referral partners to determine how their brand should be best represented. We subsequently assisted them with the development and execution of a year-long 85thAnniversary campaign that included the design of a special logo and webpage to help them celebrate this milestone. We also refreshed their website and assisted them with new video production, photography and collateral. We currently manage their SEO, social media, print advertising, PR and assist with other general marketing other duties.

Most recently, we help them launch an entirely new division of their company called Coleman Talley Strategies, specializing in Government Affairs services.

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