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Welcome to Beson4, borne of a vision for making digital marketing, including Web Design, SEO, PPC, Video, and other services simple, efficient and effective for clients in Jacksonville, or anywhere. For over two decades, we’ve been helping businesses succeed using agile, creative, data-driven digital strategies.

Our approach begins with a multi-disciplined team of talented professionals, highly skilled in every area of digital marketing including strategic planning, web design, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, pay per click advertising, video production, social media, and more. We then marry these broad capabilities with our core values and beliefs and apply it all to our clients’ most pressing marketing challenges. It ultimately translates into solutions that improve brand awareness and sentiment, increase traffic, boost conversion rates and grow sales.


We believe in openness and transparency, doing what’s right at all times and always telling the truth, even when it’s ugly.


We consider everything: the pros and cons, the short-term and long term, the big picture and all the little ones.


We’re big on teamwork, trust and mutual respect and value collaboration, internally and externally .


We’re punctual, reliable communicators who pay attention to details, and provide high-quality support to meet our clients’ needs.


We’re fun and down-to-earth. We’re passionate about our work, and our relationships with our families, friends, clients and community.


We get ‘em.


To do great work, you’ve got to have great people. And when you get that right, it doesn’t feel like work at all. The talented members of our creative team not only bring extensive experience across a wide range of digital marketing and design disciplines, but are committed to providing comprehensive, efficient and seamlessly coordinated communication and support for our clients. This translates into services that save our clients time and money, and make work, a pleasure.

AJ Beson

  • AJ has over 20 years of experience in nearly every aspect of agency work. He manages operations, provides creative direction, strategy and planning. His passion for new ideas and hip business philosophy has helped keep Beson4 ahead of the curve since he founded the agency in 1998.
  • Founder, President & CEO
  • Email: AJ@beson4.com

Mike Hicks

  • Mike’s longevity with Beson4 shows that the proof is in the pudding. He has developed a solid formula for client relationships based on strategic thinking, mutual respect, flexibility and a keen way of keeping his eye on the client’s bottom line.
  • Executive Vice President
  • Email: mike@beson4.com

Kayla Brooke

  • Kayla comes from a background in experiential marketing, where she learned the importance of creating brand awareness. With a degree in Communication, Kayla’s top priority is to ensure her clients are well informed and up to date through every step of the process.
  • Account Manager
  • Email: kayla@beson4.com

Courtney Cooper

  • Courtney not only possesses a designer’s mind, but also the project management and production expertise to take our marketing ideas from concept to fruition, no matter the medium. Her creative flair is rivaled only by her quick wits and bright personality.
  • Creative Operations Manager
  • Email: courtney@beson4.com

Tim Hamby

  • Tim brings to bear over 25 years of experience leading creative teams. A copywriter with a deep understanding of design, as well as both the creative and business sides of marketing, Tim provides fresh vision and strategy for integrated advertising and brand campaigns.
  • Creative Director
  • Email: tim@beson4.com

Brian Smith

  • Brian is a multi-talented digital marketer, musician and visual artist with dual degrees in Advertising & Psychology. This left/right brained scholar assists clients with PPC, SEO, web design & maintenance, social media marketing, web analytics, conversion tracking, video production, and more.
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Email: brian@beson4.com

Peyton Kelly

  • Peyton is our word-loving content writer. She graduated from Florida Atlantic University and has a strong passion for all things writing. From crafting website content, blogs and e-newsletters, to managing social media calendars, she channels her knowledge and creativity to deliver consistent and valuable work to our clients.
  • Content Writer
  • Email: peyton@beson4.com

Ryan Newman

  • Ryan is a designer of visual communications with an expertise for Google Marketing. He’s worked for some of the notable entities (e.g., Office Depot / Office Max, Kaiser Permanente, Whole Foods, Barilla and Unilever) that has garnered repeat and referral business.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Email: ryan@beson4.com

Jason Grim

  • Jason’s title is “Web & Graphic Designer” but “Creative Superman” might be more fitting for this humble talent who handles everything from graphic design to logo design, video editing, photography, and a ton of front- and back-end WordPress development. (Did we mention SEO?)
  • Web & Graphic Designer
  • Email: jason@beson4.com

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