Navigating the Shift to GA4

There is no denying the importance of data-driven decision-making in business and the role Google Analytics plays in providing valuable insights. For years, business owners became accustomed to Universal Analytics for collecting and analyzing essential data, but that all changed with the introduction of Google Analytics 4 – a new and more advanced version of the ever-popular digital marketing application.

There is no doubt that extensive software upgrades like this one take some getting used to. By now the majority of agencies and businesses out there have made the switch to Google Analytics 4 and have likely noticed a few significant changes. But as with any modification of this kind, it all comes down to getting used to a different interface – and we can help with that.

What are the Major Changes?

As many businesses may know, Google made a number of big changes in GA4 that may take some time to adjust to. A few of the major differences include:

  • The interface for navigating and setting up reports
  • The data – Universal Analytics data is not compatible with GA4
  • The ability to access and use year over year data
  • Access to certain functionalities
  • The base skills/knowledge set needed for people using the new platform

Embracing the Learning Curve

All in all, Google Analytics 4 has completely re-imagined how to track and measure website interactions which can be intimidating to say the least. Because the jump from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 was such a considerable one, it is expected that the pain points will be a bit harder and learning curves more magnified.

Making the switch to GA4 has resulted in businesses scrambling to learn how to properly navigate the new platform and it’s various complexities. Even though it may seem frustrating having to get accustomed to a new way of doing things, we strongly believe that this new interface will bring many benefits to businesses across all industries and to the world of digital marketing as a whole.

As digital marketing professionals, we want to remind you that you do not and should not have to endure this transition alone!

Beson4 – A GA4 Ready Digital Marketing Agency

When it comes to running a successful business in today’s digital age, your data is everything. At Beson4, our team is well-versed in web analytics. With our advanced capabilities, we are confident in our ability to enhance your business by completing comprehensive overviews of user behavior to ultimately direct the future of your strategies and campaigns for online success. Whether you made the switch a year ago or are just getting started with GA4 for your business, we can provide the necessary guidance needed to succeed.