Grow Your Homebuilding Business with SEO for Homebuilders

SEO is one of today’s most powerful tools you can use in order to get your brand out in front of an audience. The home building industry is competitive. As a result, it’s important to put a strong effort into your Search Engine Optimization strategies (SEO) to break out on top.

The Importance of SEO for Homebuilders

The real estate market in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas are hotter than ever. This means you have to put in the work to reach potential customers. At Beson4, we have been working with home builders to provide SEO services for over 20 years. With our wide range of experience with home builders, we know what it takes to get noticed by customers.

Optimizing Your Content Using SEO Strategies

Jacksonville homebuilders face significant competition. The content strategy of homebuilders in Northeast Florida must therefore be comprehensive. A keyword analysis is vital to directing traffic to your site. The content you produce, website design, link building, generating reviews, and growing your authority as a custom home builder requires a methodical approach. From planning consistent content to knowing what type of sites to link to, Beson4 is ready to help you grow your homebuilding business using SEO strategies.

SEO Services for Homebuilders Take Time

Changes to how your content is indexed by Google can take up to 3 months to take effect. SEO is a process, one that is built over time. As you create more content using SEO for home builders, you will begin to see the traffic to your website increase. It’s important to become an authority in the homebuilding industry. This can be accomplished by hiring a digital marketing firm for homebuilders; professionals who understand how to make your content stand out.

In addition, it is vital to your success that your website is developed with a solid foundation using SEO principles right from the start. This is because, in today’s world, your website is the hub of everything you do for marketing. Do not waste money promoting a website that is not up to par.

Mobile-First Indexing Requires Organizing and Presenting Content Strategically

Over the past few years, Google has been looking at your website and prioritizing the mobile experience you are giving to customers. In fact, as of September 2020, it will become the default behavior upon which all sites are indexed and ranked. If your site is slow to load or provides poor user experience (UX), Google isn’t going to give your site much relevance. How you design the content for easier consumption on mobile devices, matters. Your site should load at equal speeds on mobile devices and computers. In your mobile design, use long sections of copy that are broken up into shorter paragraphs. Bullets will make your content easier to consume and keep you ranking well for relevant content. Remember, site speed is vital to your success. You can test your website’s speed at Think with Google and GTmetrix.

Content Creation, Keywords, and Home Builder SEO

Everything you create to reach out to your potential custom home builders can make or break your business. Choosing the right keywords and phrases bring people to your site organically and are going to build your customer base over time. Once the keywords and phrases are chosen, content creation involves integrating them in the right places, the proper number of times (Expert tip: Don’t try to “stuff” keywords – that’s old school SEO and can negatively impact your quality scores). You’ll also need to coordinate your keywords with properly developed title tags and meta descriptions, and then work on link building to ensure that your content is taken seriously when indexed by Google.

Homebuilder SEO Requires a Local Approach

Homebuilding is a “local market” business sector that in turn, requires a “local SEO” approach. As a homebuilder in Jacksonville, it isn’t useful if a potential customer reaches your site but lives across the country. (The exception being national homebuilders, who should use a combination of national SEO and local SEO). As a top home builder in your local market, you need to keep your content relevant by integrating your local geographical area into the content. You also need to carefully consider competition for certain keywords and work these into your content strategy.

Consider how people search for home builders in Jacksonville, FL. The keyword phrase, “custom home builder” is too broad, while “custom home builder in Jacksonville” is more targeted, specific, and relevant. But in large, highly competitive markets like Jacksonville, you may need to consider getting even more targeted by using more focused keyword phrases. Identifying a particular neighborhood or area of town can help you narrow down your keyword phrases.

Google My Business and Directory Listings

To further improve your SEO and standing as a professional home builder in Jacksonville, you will need a Google My Business Page. To get started:

  • You can check and edit details via your Create Google My Business page.
  • Fill in the profile details 100%. Verify they are all correct. Include professional photos.
  • Fully optimize the Google My Business information with tips from Google Support.

Be sure to also take the time to list your homebuilding company in important directories like: HouzzYelp for Business OwnersAngie’s List Business CenterBetter Business BureauCitySearchMerchant Circle, SuperPages, Yahoo Small Business, and Yellow Pages.

Increasing Search Engine Visibility with Social Media, Customer Reviews, and Backlinks

It’s Marketing 101: You have to reach your customers where they hang out. Today, that’s in social media. Social media marketing is essential to any homebuilding professional looking to establish solid SEO and internet presence. Create accounts on Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media sites.

To further increase your online reach, seek reviews from customers on sites such as Google My Business, Houzz, and Yelp. These not only enhance your online visibility, but also provide social proof and credibility, which in turn improve your authority and search engine rankings.

Finally, as you produce content, add to your blog or website at least a few times a month. Google interprets this activity as a business that is staying healthy, active and relevant. Look for quality backlinks and ask other businesses to link to your website for a link in return. Both inbound and outbound links are critically important to how your site ranks on search engine results. Do these things and you’ll soon find yourself succeeding with SEO, winning the competition for new customers, and growing your business.

SEO for Home Builders

If you have yet to jump into search engine optimization or simply want to improve your SEO with more smart, effective SEO strategies, then contact Beson4 for a free digital review and consultation. We provide affordable, effective white hat SEO services for home builders and integrate it seamlessly with all of your other digital marketing and branding efforts. Call 904.992.9945 or email