SEO Experts Have Their Hands Full;
Dissecting the Google Bugs and Anticipating Updates

Monitoring and managing SEO is a full-time job these days as the industry seems to change daily. The Beson4 team offers SEO experts that work overtime these days to monitor our clients’ websites and search growth and visibility online.

In August and September, we noticed some anomalies in our clients’ search rankings and it really had us scratching our heads. We thought it might be another Google Algorithm update and we watched and waited, but there were crickets. Our clients appeared to be falling in the rankings without explanation. We scratched our heads even more.

Turns out? That was simply a Google glitch and a temporary bug. We could see that something wasn’t right but since it didn’t follow our usual experience with Google updates, we held back. And kept our ear to the ground. And no clients were harmed in this process.

Our Beson4’s team of SEO experts have to keep their ear to the ground when it comes to Google’s algorithm changes. We have to be are prepared to shift on a dime and update our client’s websites to adapt and adjust to any changes to keep them on top of the search rankings. We have to listen to industry experts and create a unique marketing plan for each client.

We are already working to ensure we’re ready to respond to any changes that are required on behalf of our clients. Rest assured, our SEO experts at Beson4 are tuned in to the industry and we’ll be ready to go when they are. If you’d like to talk about your website’s SEO, your ranking, keywords, or any other site-related topic, email us at or call us at (904) 992-9945 and we’d be happy to have our SEO experts address your concerns!