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For over two decades, Beson4 has been providing comprehensive email marketing services for clients throughout Jacksonville, Northeast Florida and other areas around the U.S. From email campaign strategy to list and workflow management, to the development of creative & responsive HTML emails, and analytics tracking – we know how to capture attention, get responses and produce results.

What is Email Marketing?

Like all other forms of marketing, email marketing is a strategy used to promote. Whether your company is promoting special offers, new product releases, or sharing latest industry trends, email marketing is a way to inform your customers, drive sales, and build a community around your brand.

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Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

With the continued evolution of social media, messaging apps and other forms of online marketing, many business owners may be inclined to believe that email marketing is no longer relevant in today’s world. They might feel the need to focus their efforts on the next “new thing” in an attempt to stay ahead of the marketing curve. But this approach is misguided and simply not true. If you do your homework, you’ll discover that even amidst all of marcom’s dizzying technological advances over the past decade, good old-fashioned email remains one of the most powerful and effective tools for engaging with and drawing in prospective buyers. Did you know?
  • The average return on email marketing investment is 3800% – that’s $38 for every $1 spent, a whopping number when compared to most other forms of marketing, online or off!
  • 89% of us check our email every day. Most people check their email multiple times daily. With the ubiquity of smart phones, it’s never been easier for people to go right to Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook and open their mail, wherever they happen to be.
  • Engagement rates are exceptional. The point of marketing is to engage targeted prospects. If there is no engagement or follow-through, the marketing effort is dead in the water. On average, 20.81% of targeted consumers will open a marketing email and 2.43% will click through. Rates vary by industry and can even go much higher.

Need Email Marketing Services in Jacksonville, or elsewhere? We’re experts.

As you can see, email marketing is still one of the best ways there is to connect with your target market. Beson4 offers a wide range of email marketing services to businesses and brands across Greater Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. We provide our clients with effective email marketing strategies, highly creative promotional and informational email campaigns, ongoing email program management, and much more!

List of Services: Beson4 Email Marketing Services


  • Email Marketing Strategy – First things first. Always have an email strategy in place based on what you wish to accomplish. Lead gen? Nurturing? Engagement? We’ll help you figure it out!
  • Email Campaign Management – Set it and forget it. Once we have a plan in place, well manage fulfillment of your tactical email campaign, developing creative, sending, tracking and refining as needed.
  • Mailchimp Account Setup – We love Mailchimp and hope you will, too! That said, we can also help you using Constant Contact, Get Response and other platforms including built-in e-com email systems.
  • List Acquisition and Segmentation – The best way to build an email list is to develop your own, using a double-opt-in approach. That said, if you prefer list purchase, we can help you with that using trusted vendors. We can also make recommendations for segmenting your internal email lists in strategic ways.  
  • List Cleansing – Old, out-of-dates are not good for you, your customers or (gulp) us! We religiously follow the CAN-SPAM Act and so should you! Send scores and reputation are critical factors. You’ve got to keep your lists clean and up-to-date. We can help you sort things out.
  • Bulk Email Sends – All the planning, the list acquisition, the creating … it all leads to this. Hit Send.
  • Marketing, Transaction & Life Cycle Emails – We handle all kinds of emails from marketing emails to transactional emails to life cycle emails. Whether you need a promotional email, purchase confirmation or form sign-up auto-reply, we’ve got you covered.
  • Set Up & Manage Automated Email Workflows – Many email campaigns aren’t one-and-done, but rather, part of a planned workflow that includes specific messages for specific audiences at certain times for varying reasons. We can help you plan and automate all of it.
  • Email Content Creation – Smart subject lines, beautiful graphics, clear, concise, persuasive content. That’s our favorite part of email marketing and we’re pretty good at it.
  • Customized, Responsive HTML Email Templates – Mobile-friendly, responsive emails are the new standard. We’ll help you design your own branded email templates that leave a strong brand impression on recipients and help you achieve consistent success.
  • Monthly Email Newsletters – So simple. So smart. Want to keep your customers engaged? There’s few more effective tools to do so than a monthly email newsletter.
  • Video Emails – Video emails can be extremely powerful or present problems due to host of reasons. We understand the variables and can show you the best ways use video email marketing.
  • Email Analytics – Delivery, Click, Open, Unsubscribe & Conversion Tracking – Of course, conversions are what matter most, but by tracking a wide range of individual metrics, we’ll learn how to maximize opportunities.
  • E-Commerce / Third-Party App Integration – Using Shopify, Big Commerce or another e-com platform? No worries, we work in those, too!

Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaigns


  • Make your email mobile friendly. As so many of us use our cell phones to check our emails, creating an email in a format that is not mobile-friendly will result in a critical disadvantage, ensuring unsubscribes and data base attrition.
  • Use effective subject lines. If consumers don’t see something interesting in the subject line, they’ll feel your emails are not something they need to keep reading. Use catchy subject lines about 40 characters in length and avoid the temptation to sell something. Engagement is the goal.
  • Make your content relevant, useful and engaging. Use content that is relevant to your audience. Make it educational, fun, informative, useful and engaging. Your content needs to present opportunities for your audience to be compelled to click through. Your emails should reflect who you are and what your company represents. They should always ring true, be presented as conversational, and never overly “salesy”.
  • Be respectful of email privacy. Make sure your lists are opt-in, that your policies are clear and concise and then honor those policies. Keep your lists clean and up-to-date, so that no one will ever feel like you are utilizing underhanded privacy practices.
  • Resist the urge to send too many emails. If a recipient sees 2-3 emails per week from you, chances are you will become a pain to them. They will eventually unsubscribe getting them back will be next to impossible.
  • Above all, remember that people are important. They aren’t just numbers and sales. If you treat people how they want to be treated, then you have a much better chance of developing a relationship and ultimately, a sale. If someone begins to get the idea that they are special to, and valued by you, then they are much more likely to do business with you and share your business with their friends.